Limitation of Human Understanding

Heavy metal music might not be your thing but you might be interested to know that the title of this post is a line in the Metallic song Through The Never. I used to listen to it when it came out 20 plus years ago. (Wow. Old).

While it certainly seems like most metal bands are spewing sadistically strewn songs, this one and a few others from their black album are angst-riden surely, but carry ambiguous life messages.

This song’s message is about the desire to find life’s truths.

Heavy, I know.

Maybe THAT’S why it’s called Heavy Metal. *Snicker-snort-smirk*

Besides an education in heavy metal lyrics, the subject of this post is really about moments I’ve had recently where answers to important questions have mocked me with their elusiveness.

Seriously. Like tongue sticking out, eyes squinched shut, thumbs in the ears mocking me. NOT. COOL.

Anyway, I know answers are never black or white. Just thinking about the variety of factors alone such as people involved, complexity of the situation, whether the planets are aligned, blah blah blah, can make your brain go numb.

You get it. Many possible answers.

With my business growing quickly, my son getting his drivers permit WHILE going through puberty and my memory needing an upgrade (both brain and computer) I am thankful when I am able to recall that I am but a cockroach in the grand scheme of things.

Meaning of course that if you tried to explain everything you know to a cockroach it would not understand. It’s brain is not big enough.

So yeah, I am pretty sure I do not posses the brain power to truly understand everything in this whole, ginormous, vast universe. Although some days my ego does try to convince me otherwise. Then my teenager tries to make it known that he posses all knowledge (“I KNOW Mom!”) and suddenly I get clarity about how little we both know.

It’s in that moment that I am grateful that there are limits to my understanding.

I don’t have all the answers and that’s okay.


Nick’s First Day On The Road

What jazzes me about being on a photography set…

photo by: James Kimo Garrett
Cast & Crew, Tight Spot Prod./3 Dogs Lost Films, Showdown in Chinatown-2014, Spring Premiere

Aloha, Jesus here once again…

…and today I want to share musings on Film and Photography, touching on their similarities and differences.  Specifically what both mean to me on a fundamental level.

Just about a week ago I co-produced as well as co-directed a short film, part of Honolulu’s 48Hr Film Challenge.  Just yesterday I assisted Laura in a photoshoot.  Both presented their pluses and their minuses: one was chaotic and filled with people with differing voices on how to tell a story.  The other had a single voice.

But having been on two wildly different sets over the past few days has me looking on what exactly excites me about them.  On a film set in whatever capacity I happen to fulfill there is that sense of being part of a huge synchronized circus.  There is the fun working with a large number of people, crew and cast all working towards a single end-goal.  Yet each person depending on their department has their own unique path which leads them to that same end-goal.  A set dresser creates the physical space wherein the scene inhabits, an Actor helps breath life in that space, so on and so forth.

The photography set is different, not just because of the number of folks involved but because everything is honed to a very small amount of people, usually just the photographer, the model, and perhaps one or two lighting assistants.  Oh and the makeup artist.  No circus environment here; its an intimate setting, more closely resembling–to me at least–the insular mind-space one inhabits when writing.

It isn’t a question as to which medium is better; its how I interact with both.  I’m a story-teller at heart and whichever medium I use be it the written page, still photograph, or film I love them all.

1 Billion Rising

It was a blustery Friday afternoon. Typical for our Hawaiian winter but the sprinkling of rain is considered a blessing here. After all it makes things grow. Doesn’t make for great picnic weather though.

Regardless, Holly Holowach and friends soldiered on in the name of a great cause. Bringing awareness to the atrocity that is violence against women and children.

1 Billion Rising is a worldwide movement to let the 1 in 3 women who will be raped and/or beaten, that they have a voice. It’s ambition is to have that voice be one billion strong.

But instead of turning it into a day of sadness and heavy hearts, there was a flash mob dance, an aerial photographer took a photo of everyone standing in a huge “1” and then a heart. And tons of great entertainment. Hula, poets, the cast of Rent, all broadcast live on our local cable station Olelo.


Holly and I met in the nail salon where she casually brought up her idea. Having once been in an abusive relationship, I said I would love to donate my services.

Awareness changes laws (there are better laws protecting animals), gets much needed resources to shelters and also lets women who have been victimized know that they have options.

At this years event just this past Valentine’s Day, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie officially declared Feb 14th, 2014 ONE BILLION RISING HONOLULU DAY in an official presentation.


Please show your support by heading over to the Hawaii chapter’s Facebook page and giving them a like.

One Billion Rising Honolulu

The Hilton provided a spectacular ending to the afternoons festivities via it’s regularly scheduled Friday night fireworks show.