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Swedish Dragon Book

Stieg Larsson’s book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is currently on my Kindle. I never watch TV so when I started looking around for some reference to write this, imagine my surprise to find out that it’s been out in movie form since 2009. I’ll take a gander at it once I finish the book.

I had seen this book around, heard all the rhetoric, watched it fly off the shelf when I was working at the bookstore and put it in my mental queue for reading at a later date. There was a whole series of paranormal romances that I need to get through first.

About a year ago I downloaded the except onto my Kindle and began reading. I kept stumbling over the Swedish names, cultural references and several words which were left untranslated (like why didn’t they translate the word “gaol” to “jail”? I’m just sayin..) so in frustration, I gave up and put it aside. I started in on it again a few months later with the same result. Maybe I was just being stubborn. Shock!

I was at a party six month later talking to the hostess who said that she had just finished reading it cover to cover in one sitting. I’ve done that a few times when a book was awesome. She said, oh yeah. It’s that good! I mentioned my issue with it. She said that once you get past that first part the story gets good and none of that matters. She was right.

I am tired today.:-)


Went to the beach today. It’s the first “cold” day of the year meaning only that the cloud cover kept the sun off and so it didn’t reach six thousand degrees outside as usual.

I wanted to see what the beach would look like under all the dark, rainy clouds. See the whole set on my Flickr account.

De vain