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by Alan Loy McGinnis

REVIEW – Bringing Out the Best in People

by Alan Loy McGinnis

This is a fantastic book. I always keep it close by for quick access and my copy is dog-eared and flagged.

While I consider myself to have a fairly good grasp on what makes people tick, I have moments when I am caught in my own life and am presented with a challenging person. I do my best to remember to always be loving, but I also enjoy leadership and sometimes a quick and decisive answer is the trick. That is what this book delivers and is particularly helpful when it comes to my children. It is not a book on parenting but there are so many wonderful tidbits of wisdom that apply to parenting.

There are not just leadership ideas in here but thoughts on becoming a better person. I think this is so critical in really implementing the law of attraction. You make the world a better place by helping others be their best which, in turn, makes you better.

It’s a small book absolutely stuffed with little gems of wisdom. Mr. McGinnis is a psychotherapist who had an active practice at the time of the writing and understands the need for parents and CEO’s alike to gain better people skills. Originally published in 1985, it has gone through many reprints because of the timeless information.

Most of his advice uses the example of the work environment, but it really doesn’t require any stretch of the imagination to see it as a family dynamic. With chapter and sub heading titles like “Building Inner Drive” and “How to Deal with the Abrasive Troublemaker”, you know exactly where to go when you need the information.

The one thing I always like about self-help books is the ability to be able to flip to any section and read and apply it’s information singularly and with this one, you can do just that.

He uses great relevant stories to illustrate his points, such as the story of the woman who invented White-Out or the teacher who worked at several different schools, which meant several different principals and several different leadership styles. I was surprised by which leadership style worked the best.

I give this book 5 stars out of 5.


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Taylor J Miller - March 20, 2011 - 10:14 AM

Thanks for having this up, it helped me make a book report for my social 1000 class, it also helped me understand that if I’m going to bring out the best in others, I must also do so for myself first. Reading this book should be a requirement for all students, because it has taught me things that will help me help others do better in the workforce and in life itself. From reading this magnificent book I have learned to be a better person over all, and I thank the author for sharing this with students, and adults across the world.

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